about a world redrawn

Sergei Eisenstein was invited to Hollywood by Paramount Studios. A refugee from Nazi Germany, Bertolt Brecht worked in Los Angeles in the 1940’s. Both wanted to make films that were both radical and popular, creating sketches and screenplays that were never realized.

A World Redrawn is an installation created by artist and filmmaker Zoe Beloff to explores Eisenstein’s ideas for the film Glass House and Brecht’s notes for the film, A Model Family in a Model Home. Both scenarios use architecture as a concrete representation of social relations. Through medium of films, drawings, architectural models and archival documents, Zoe project re-imagines their ideas for today. The three films that form the centerpiece of the project can be projected in a cinema or exhibited in a gallery. Festival screenings include the BFI London Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam and the FID Marseille Festival.

Zoe created the artwork in association with Eric Muzzy. The project was funded in part by Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in Fine Arts, The Media Arts Assistance Fund for Artists NYSCA, the PSC-CUNY Research Award and The James Gallery at the Center for the Humanities of the Graduate Center CUNY. It was made possible with the support of The Russian State Archive of Literature and Art and Bertolt Brecht Archive Berlin.